Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Writing prompt: Magic in the Details

The night breeze ruffles the small hairs on the back of my neck, wet from sweat despite the cool air. A shiver runs down my spine. I hear the snapping of a twig and think someone is sneaking up on me. Turning quickly, terrified of what I might see, I strain to see through the thick blanket of darkness that smothers me. No one there. An owl who-whoots somewhere above me. The tall pine trees have left a carpet of pine needles that smell pungent when my boots crush them underfoot. In the pale moonlight, I can see what seems to be a human shape, facing me, standing stock-still. My heart skips a beat and drops of fear-smelling sweat run into my eyes. I squeeze my eyes shut and open them again, hoping against hope that whoever—or whatever—is standing there watching me will be gone. Is it? No. It doesn't move. My heart beats loudly in my ears as I hold my breath.

Then the moon breaks through the clouds and its light shows me... a statue.

I am alone in the garden of good and evil.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


i'm no good at resolutions. like so many others, i make them only to break them in a week or so. or when the enthusiasm of an idea disappears in the reality of actually putting that idea into action. so these are un-resolutions. things i want to do with my life this year (way too many things). they fall into several categories: health and wellbeing; creative juices; finances; homemaking; relationships; spiritual, self-improvement.

here's what my ideal would be:
spiritual - read a chapter in my bible every day. do a daily devotional. pray more.
health - lose weight. eat more veggies and less sugar. exercise at least 5 days a week. get more sleep.
creative - write every day. keep an art journal. develop my own line of prim patterns. make a scrapbook (not a digital one!)
finances - get (and keep) my business books in order.
homemaking - make and maintain a cleaning schedule. redo craft studio.
relationships - call loved ones every week. have fun with my hubby. develop some girl friends.
self-improvement (physical) - let hair grow out. get a new wardrobe (a few pieces at a time as I lose weight. maintain my nails.

obviously i can't implement those all at once! so tomorrow, i add a chapter a day to my bible reading and devotionals, and spending more time in prayer. keep a prayer list in a notebook with room to write down when and how God answers.

start keeping a food journal so that i can see what i'm eating (i'm using "lose it"). also include an exercise log. go to bed by 10:00.

writing in the blog everyday, if only a line or two.

set up new bookkeeping system online.

follow my cleaning schedule.

call jenny and each of my children as well as mom and dad every week.

do my nails.