Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back from the deep

For the last eight months, I've been lost in a very dark, very deep depression. I had no desire to create at all. Not in my crafts and certainly not on my blog. But the good news is that I'm back now. My doctor got my meds regulated and I feel 100% better, full of energy and positive, despite the state our world is in.

In fact, if you are, like I am, a Christian, you realize that the state of affairs we find ourselves in globally means that Christ will soon be returning to snatch away His bride! How exciting that is! If you want to know more about these end days, or you aren't (yet) a Christian, just take a look at my page called End of Days.

But for now, I am told to "occupy until He comes." Therefore, I'm back on my blog, designing, crafting, writing, cooking... and still taking care of my precious two youngest grandchildren. R is 3-1/2 and L is 18 months. They are what kept me going through my depression. Hallelujah! Jesus is seen in the eyes of a small child!

To bring you up to speed (whoever you are--I really don't think I have any followers), here are some pictures of what's been going on in my life.

Liam vacuuming. Notice he has Remy's princess shoe on his right foot! LOL! (Left)

Remy making cookies. (above)

Me with long(ish) blonde hair. Blonde is my natural color, but Jeff prefers it red and short, so.....

Me with short, red hair, as requested. I still need to add highlights.

And just for fun, here's a video I took of my fur babies just chillin' on this rainy Sunday morning, Superbowl day, and one day before my 62nd birthday.

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