Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day plans

WEll, tomorrow is my second "dose" of chemo to keep my bladder cancer from coming back, but tonight I've been huddled on the bathroom floor up chucking my toenails. Yuck! I didn't feel at all well today, which made it hard to concentrate on my littles, who were extremely good (praise the good Lord!). But even though I feel so lousy, I'm looking forward to the next five days. After my chemo treatment, I'll go on a tiny shopping spree and get a few craft items I need to make the paper mâché dog I hope to have finished by Friday night when I transfer myself and our two dogs over to my son's house to babysit over the weekend with our littles. Son and wife are going out of town for a Valentine's getaway and husband and I are having a weekend of crafts and cookie making with Remy and Liam. Then I have Monday off (as well as this Thursday and Friday). It will give me time to work on my book while the paper mâché dog dries. The dog is a Valentine's Day gift for my beloved, who always loves the whimsical things I make and is my largest collector. The other gift I got him is a Groupon coupon to take a concealed carry permit course. What normally costs $150 only cost me $30!

Here are some pictures of the last time we did cookies and crafts. (Note the horse show going on on TV in the background!)

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